Monday, November 28, 2011

Stock Market Prices|Vascon Eng surges up 18%

Vascon Eng has surged up by about 18% on relatively high volume.

Current share price:- 49.95
52 wk high               :- 149.40
52 wk low                :-  38.45

The stock is currently trading near the 52-wk low. It has recently reported quarter profit of 1.26 cr.

Now lets have a look at some of the fundamentals of the stock:-

 1. The company's networth has been increasing consistently. Current networth is 687.66. Last years networth was 643.77.

2. Total debt for the company has also increased to 330.26

3. Reported net profit is 54.30. Last years value is 43.66.

4. Earnings Per Share(EPS) is 6.03. Last year it was 4.85.

The above numerals are from Mar'11 financial results.

The only problem currently looming the stock is that the company is recently under some sort of investigation for fraud. So investors should be wise enough to wait for the outcome, before they look to take in the plunge.

Kindly note that the advice we provide are based solely on technical analysis. There are thousands of factors that can affect the price of a stock. So do not rely solely on our tips. Please do listen to news and also perform your own analysis to determine whether you should enter a position or not. We would not be held accountable for any loss you might suffer in process of trading. The above are for information purposes only, trade at your own risk.

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