Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stock Market Prices|OnMobile stocks look strong

On-Mobile is currently looking to breakout of its accumulation phase. The stock is currently trading at 64.95, which is closer to its 52 wk low.

Current share price :- 64.95
52-wk low                 :- 54.10
52-wk high               :- 200.00

The room for growth is from 54.10 to 200.00 over the next one year(400% growth). The stocks downtrend ended in Aug 23 after which it was kind of moving sideways only. Recently the shares have been showing immense amount of activity. Shares are currently trading well beyond avg. volume.

The standalone net profit for the stock is at Rs 42.79 crore(Sept quarter).

Kindly note that the advice we provide are based solely on technical analysis. There are thousands of factors that can affect the price of a stock. So do not rely solely on our tips. Please do listen to news and also perform your own analysis to determine whether you should enter a position or not. We would not be held accountable for any loss you might suffer in process of trading. The above are for information purposes only, trade at your own risk.

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